One of the most convenient and effective methods of website or brand promotion today is promotion in social networks. This tool works flawlessly due to the popularity of social networks where people spend a lot of time.

At first glance, social networks have been created for messaging. In fact, the valuable thing of using social networks by any user is analyzing his visual, mental and aural resources. Harmoniously combining of those allows people to quickly absorb information. Which is very useful for sales managing.

Proper use of social networks provide great opportunities to promote any company. “Any” is a keyword in this context because the target audience of almost all consumer services is located in social networks. Promotion strategy directed on social networks is the most effective.

Social media marketing, or SMM has long been used by marketers. This term means the direct customer acquisition from social networks. The efficiency of this method is proved by its affordability. You don’t have to require significant resources – just choose right marketing approach and adapt your knowledge of product promotion to the target audience. About 80% of Internet users today have personal accounts in such social networks as Instagram, Facebook and

Another branch of promotion is Social Media Optimization (SMO) or social optimization. This mechanism provides an optimization of the company's website to popularize it on social platforms. Using most demanded social networks in this case allows us to organically gain the popularity of any website site and move it to the TOP of search results.

Combination of SMM and SMO allows you to maximize the benefit of available resources and not only promote the target company within search engines, but also attract the maximum number of customers.

Benefits of promotion in Social Media
  • Extensive audience coverage. The potential consumers for a company in any business area are located exactly at social networks. They distributed within core products of social platforms. That is why every company has a chance to optimize their approach for the target client.
  • Use of viral marketing. Since members of social networks are closely related to each other, they perfectly adsorb the advertising tools. People themselves share information about companies and products, which gains the customer inflow.
  • Speed ​​of the audience response. Product promotion at social networks typically gives a fairly quick response to the target audience. You don’t have to make your own website with huge budget of promotion in search engines. All you need to have is the relevant account in any social network. That’s it!
  • Promotion cost. Deep knowledge of SMM-mechanisms allows professionals to minimize investment in SEO promotion with zero affection on the result. In this case, promotion at social networks is an advantageous service for non-profit projects and young companies.
  • Communication with the target audience. An undoubted advantage of using social networks is direct contact with the target audience. This allows companies not only to establish trusting relationships with customers, but also get an opinion on their product or service.
SMM cost

Price for company promotion in social networks is based exactly on requirements of a client. We are taking into account huge amount of factors, including the goals and needs of the company.

The volume and nature of promotion will be chosen according to the wishes of the company founders.

  • Making representative infrastructure for a company in any social network
  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Creating, maintaining and promoting communities at Facebook and VK
  • Targeting contextual advertising
  • Consulting support
  • The final cost will depend on the scale of the advertising campaign, the planned budget and the complexity of the required activities.

Social Networks promotion cost

Cost of promotion at social networks

from $100

Creation and registration of a community in other social network

от 5 570 руб.

Text content creation (posts, articles, topics, etc.)

from $9/hour

Graphic content creation (banners, photos, illustrations, diagrams, etc.)

from $20/hour

Engaging an audience into community or page

from 2 cents per visitor

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